Tea for all

Message From The Founders

Message from the Founders . . .

Years ago, while sitting in a small Parisian cafe enjoying a perfectly brewed pot of Darjeeling tea, we wondered why this experience couldn't be enjoyed in the U.S. Here, tea was brown water squeezed from a bag and its strongest flavors were those of sweetener or milk. As a result, most Americans only drank tea with grandma or as a coffee alternative when sick. An immediate decision was made to start the best tea company in the world, a tea company that would welcome everyone from the "tea is for old ladies" coffee drinker to the seasoned tea aficionado. We wanted our company to open the door to the tea culture and to let them wander through. We didn't want to create a place where the "pinky in the air" or the doily table set was required, but we didn't want to exclude them either.

We truly believe in our Tealuxe slogan "Tea for All."

We planned, projected, estimated, asked questions, read every book we could find, and enjoyed a lot of fine tea then we realized that the coffee-monster was building up such a head of steam that we should wait. We should bide our time, have another pot, and just relax for a while.

In December of 1996, we opened our first Tealuxe-A Tea Bar at Zero Brattle Street in the center of Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since the opening day it has been a rocket ship crowded all the time, getting rave reviews, lots of "Best of" awards. Obviously, it struck a nerve. People liked it and everyone felt comfortable. We knew we were successful when, seated on the same banquette, we saw an immaculately dressed elderly woman with blue hair and pearls sitting comfortably next to a twenty-something woman with blue hair and studs, both enjoying a great pot of tea.

As with any business that wants to grow, we realize that the key to our future success lies in our customers complete satisfaction, the uncompromising quality of our products, and our most important partners, our teatenders (like tea-bartenders, the staff in our stores). We will grow Tealuxe into the best tea company in the world by having the best teas, the most complete and fun to use web site, and by opening Tea Bars in other cities.

We welcome all messages: the good, the bad, and even the ugly. It's the only way we know to make the Tealuxe tea experience even better. And, we give our word that we will listen.

Till then, Tea for All!

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