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Tea Tender's Top Ten

102 Irish Breakfast

A bold grade of tea with rich flavor, especially suited for those who like a hearty cup. Excellent with milk and sugar or lemon. Pure Assam tea from the Gingia Estate. A classic morning tea. More info..


  110 Masala Chai

A classic combination of Nilgiri black tea blended with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove and black pepper. Traditionally served with steamed milk, sugar and/or honey. More info..

Jamaican Rooibos

191 Monks Blend

Ceylon estate black tea and a mysterious combo of grenadine and vanilla makes this tea one of our most popular.  More info..


193 Strawberry Sencha Green Tea

Rich traditional Sencha leaf tea flavored with bits of strawberry. A delicious way to get to know green teas, but be careful, it's habit forming. Tasty iced too! More info..



208 Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea

Flavored with brightness and body. An excellent character is added with soft hints of Earl Grey and Jasmine. One of our most popular teas. Superb for afternoon tea settings.  More info..



209 Lady Londonderry

Princess Diana's favorite. A very interesting and flavorful tea with a hint of strawberry and lemons. Have a cup and you will see yourself lounging on the divan at the end of the day.  More info..


211 Creme de la Earl Grey

Tealuxe's Quintessential English style tea with blended blue flowers and a twist of cream. Tealuxe customers say it's reminds them of birthday cake.  Relax with a pot of this fabulous treat.   More info..


217 Decaf Earl Grey (Tealuxe's Charles Street)

This blend is a wonderful marriage of light green tea and pear flavors. Great hot or iced. More info..



3030 Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser w/Teapot Handle

Perfect for an individual sized cup of tea with a fun handle.  More info..



2138 T-Sac Paper Tea Filter Bags (TSACs #1)

We use these same high quality bags in our fabled Tealuxe tea bars. Unbleached paper with wonderful roomy long shape for lots of tea and water interaction during steeping. Long top flap stays over side of cup for easy removal. Good for a single cup,Great for the environment!
Bio-degradable  100% All Natural   Unbleached     Made in Germany   100 count box.  More info..