Tea Tender's Top Ten - Iced Tea Edition

 #101 Assam Organic

A bold grade of tea with rich flavor, especially suited for those who like a hearty cup. Excellent with milk and sugar or lemon. Pure Assam tea from the Gingia Estate. A classic morning tea. More info..


  #125 Mango Mist Black Tea

Another superior Ceylon black tea with incredible taste from bits of mango added. More info..



#137 Papaya & Pineapple

A light refreshing blend of tropical fruits including orange, pineapple and papaya. Scented with hibiscus flowers. A mild herbal with a gentle sweetness. Great iced as well as hot. More info..


 #155 - White Tangerine

Rare White Tea from China with the sweet tangy flavor of tangerines. Try it hot or iced.  More info..



 #156 Royal Coconut Oolong Pouchong Tea

Like a sojourn in the South Pacific. Tealuxe's Royal Coconut is in the Oolong family of teas. Bold pouchong tea flavored with fresh coconut.This is a year round favorite of Tealuxe fans.    More info..


#179 Pear & Green Tea

This blend is a wonderful marriage of light green tea and pear flavors. Great hot or iced.    More info..


  #193 Strawberry Sencha Green Tea

Rich traditional Sencha leaf tea flavored with bits of strawberry. A delicious way to get to know green teas, but be careful, it's habit forming. Tasty iced too! More info..



 #209 Lady Londonderry

Princess Diana's favorite. A very interesting and flavorful tea with a hint of strawberry and lemons. Have a cup and you will see yourself lounging on the divan at the end of the day. More info..



 #235 Rote Grutze Red Berry Herbal

This wild herbal infusion contains natural vitamin C and is completely free of caffeine. Blended with rose hips and dried fruits. A knockout iced tea.  More info..



 #243 - Vanilla Rooibos

Organic Red Rooibos tea from South Africa with the smooth flavor of vanilla.  More info..