Tea Tender's Top Ten


New! Honey Dipper - 6.25"

This wooden honey dipper features groves to carry the honey  for easy drizzling into your tea. Wood Honey Dipper.  6.25"  More info..



Jamaican Rooibos

New! Beehive Honey Pot

Honey Pot - Beehive - 10oz ceramic .  Use this charming honey bee honey pot to store and serve your favorite honey. Features a built in notch for spoon or honey dipper. More info..



Jamaican Rooibos

New! Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser

Stainless steel tea ball infuser with a teapot shaped handle.  Perfect for an individual sized cup of tea with a fun handle.  More info..


New! 234 Chamomile Medley - Organic blend

This Chamomile citrus blend with a hint of mint, calms the mind and soothes the body.  A perfect cup to relax or rock you to sleep.  Organic chamomile flowers, organic lemongrass, organic lemon myrtle, organic spearmint. More info..



New! 233 Turmeric Ginger - Organic blend

Remarkably spicy Ayurvedic inspired concoction of ginger, exotic turmeric, orange peel, lemongrass and sweet licorice.  Organic.  More info..



232 - Ginger Ginseng Organic

A fantastic blend of Organic Black Pepper, Chamomile, Ginger Root, Ginseng, Licorice Root, Orange Peel, Peppermint, Rosehips & Spearmint. A healthful and delicious addition to any diet. Relax and enjoy iced or hot, we love it!  More info..



New! 219 - Lavender Earl Grey

Tealuxe's Lavender Earl Grey is adorned with lovely lavender flowers which helps to soften the boldness of it's core bergamot flavor. More info..



New! Brown Betty Style Teapot - comes in 5 colors and 3 sizes

The Brown Betty teapot has quite a history!  Its origins date back to the 17th Century as the birth of the quintessential British Ceramic Teapot. The original unglazed teapot was handmade out of red clay from the Bradell Woods area in Stoke-on-Trent,UK. British people believed the Brown Betty brewed a better pot of tea partly because of the shape of the pot.  5 colors: White (2 & 6 cup), Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow. 3 sizes: 2 cup, 6 cup, 10 cup.   More info..

New! Mocha Mug

Anchor Hocking heavy weight  clear glass mug. 14 oz.  Dishwasher safe More info..



New! Cafe Mug

Anchor Hocking heavy weight clear glass mug. 16 oz. Dishwasher safe  More info..