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T-Sac Paper Tea Filter Bags ( TSACs #1)

Stainless Steel Mate Bombilla Straw Spoon
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#1876 - Stainless Steel Mate Bombilla Straw Spoon

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This bombilla (filter-straw) is hand-crafted from stainless steel. It will not rust, flake, or peel. The end of the filter is designed for scraping out gourds. It is used to filter the yerba mate from the gourd, providing a direct herbal infusion with the mate.

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Drinking mate is a symbol of hospitality. As the mate gourd is passed around, a sense of connection emerges. The first step of the ceremony is the preparation of the gourd.Typically, the host, prepares mate for a friend or a group of friends. The host drinks the first serving, testing the waters to ensure that only a smooth running mate is shared.Then the gourd is refilled with water and passed counter-clockwise with the bombilla (straw-filter) facing the recipient. Each person drinks the entire gourd: "you share the vessel, not the liquid." The recipient of the gourd has as much time as needed to finish the serving. After the last few sips of the mate are gone, the gourd is returned to the host, and refilled, following around the circle until the ceremony is complete.