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Orange Echinacea Tea  Organic
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#218 - Orange Echinacea Tea Organic

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If you feel the beginnings of a cold of flu, this is the tea for you. With soothing natural orange and jasmine essence to nurse sinus troubles and runny noses and echinacea to battle back sickness and boost your immune system, you now have a powerful weapon at your disposal. Blended using the tips and root of the echinacea plant, which are considered the most potent parts. Echinacea has also been found to accelerate the healing of infections.

If you're allergic to pollen or ragweed you may want to avoid echinacea. Any one suffering from diseases of the immune system, should not use echinacea. This includes tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, and HIV infection.

Amount per cup:1-2 tsps
Steep time:5-7 minutes
Brewing Temperature: 212f
Caffeine: (0-5mg per 8oz cup)
Country:Herbal Blend


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