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Since 1995 the mission at Tealuxe has been to bring our customers the finest teas from around the world. We carefully select our teas for freshness, quality and taste. Take home the Tealuxe experience with a tin of loose tea or sit back and savor a cup of fresh brewed tea at one of our cafes. We hope you enjoy your Tealuxe tea as much as we do.

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Nearly everyone needs help every now and then choosing tea. Here we've listed ways of making the process easier.
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Stainless steel tea ball infuser with a teapot shaped handle.  Perfect for an individual sized cup of tea with a fun handle.  

The ripening apricot harkens the end of summer with the essence added to a delicious decaffeinated black tea. Our Decaf Apricot Arabesque brews up sweet and smooth, with an aroma that captures summertime. Enjoy this tea brewed hot, or as a refreshing treat.
Fine Sri Lanken Black Tea with decadent (Dairy Free) cocoa nibs and natural chocolate flavor. A tasty Chocolate treat from Tealuxe.